New Beginnings

Winter is the perfect time for the New Year. It’s the time where earth retreats and prepares for new beginnings to come in the Spring. Such is a metaphor for ourselves, in our continued growth through the phases we meander, Winter is our time to seek solitude and find growth in aloneness. There is where a deep connection waits to be delved into.It is easy to be irritated or behind in Winter, it is colder and darker and we tend to treat ourselves poorly, sacrificing time for exercise and eating sometime very very merrily. These things do not allow us to be filled up, or to become whole and authentic. We must shift our perspectives to indulge in water Winter brings to us and choose happiness everyday. It is easy to succumb to depression and complacency, this is where we must be mindful and acknowledge the feelings and thoughts and release them. We must instantly change the thought process, and in turn change our vibrational energy to hum with the earth. My new year challenge for myself and for those who happen to read my words is to seek clarity and create mind space through journaling. Keep a journal write everyday, thoughts, feeling dreams, and anything else you desire. Let this winter be the time for you to prepare for your growth to manifest.


Rules of Simplicity

It’s is the time of excess, winter fulsomeness. As nature sheds it’s adornments of vibrancy preparing for a long sleep to fortify Spring,  we start to gather, consume, and collect in exuberance. The Holiday season acts as our season pass to the land of excess. In place it is exceedingly easy to let go of living with intention and mindfulness is lost.  This is a tragedy. Joy is the purpose of life, finding joy in the intention and in the moment. If excess bring us anxiety, debt and bad feelings why are we consuming at warp speed and living far beyond means. I absolutely love gift giving, but what is a gift to me if it brings my gift giver suffering.

I thought as I watched people shuffle to and from, mingling and mosey in herds down narrow passages eyes glazed over with a falsity of happiness, “What if this stopped happening?” If every year we spend less time away and spending and more time together creating, what would our world look like. If every winter the fortunate, such as my self, overbuy, over extend, and over eat, what if I ate less and gave my food to those less fortunate, what if I spent less and saved my funds for an exciting experience with a loved one, what if I spent more time at home with my family instead of rushing and waiting to find them a material possession Continue reading

Matte Magic

Matte is in! And those deep berry, plum and raisin tones are the new fall trend. Sometimes I fall in love with the color but not the glossy finish, so I hacked my favorite shades to get a different look. Here’s a pro tip to make any creme finish lipstick have a more matte finish! Apply your liner as usual, I use a neutral tone most often. Apply your shade of lipstick then take a blending brush, or any fluffy eye shadow brush and dip it in a light or translucent powder, then gently dust onto your lips. Simple as pie, matte finish!  


Burgundy and Lace




I am so into the color burgundy for this Fall season, I have been inexplicably drawn to it and have been incorporating it into my wardrobe and home decor. This outfit is for date night! The top is vintage lace pattern black crop top and the skirt is a burgundy vegan leather pencil skirt from H&M. Suede sling backs by Kimchi & Blue, Chanel earrings, and a Michael Kors taupe Clutch. Fall fragrance inspiration is Tom Ford white patchouli.

Early Fall Hike on a Beautiful Sunny Day!



 Since the weather was so beautiful I decided it was the perfect day for a hike. Luckily I live very close to some of the most beautiful trails in the southeast. On this particular hike through Kennesaw national park I was so taken by a beautiful field I came across that I decided yoga had to be done. I followed up the hike with a trip to the local farmers market and scored quite the haul!

A Rainy Savannah Weekend

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I love summer in the South, I dread when it ends, but we always have our Indian Summer to make the transition a littler easier on us endless Summer Southerners. As custom when Summer winds to an end if you’re not already coastal, an obligatory last minute adventure to the water is always in order. Here are a few snapshots from Heaven on earth, and my favorite place Savannah.

Peace Be Still


This sophisticated face and body lotion is one of my new favorite products. The fragrance is divine and light enough for my face (I’m very sensitive to fragrance in facial products.) The packaging leaves a little to be desired, however the creaming luxurious and infused with essential oils and botanicals which pretty much sells me! The vitamin B5 softens, and lemon, coriander and nutmeg fight off free radicals while they soothe the skin. All in all I lreally like this non greasy balm.